Minggu, 08 Januari 2023

STAR PLUME [German Radio IRT Line] Fever Double -Open Double -Open Class A Pre -Class V3.0 Amplifier

US $20.71

Line characteristics

Using German Radio IRT front line

The line, parameters, and frames are exactly the same

Using dual transportation, large and golden seal triode buffer output

Jinfeng triode working in class A state

Sound characteristics: warm, delicate, dynamic, good thrust

Production material

ELNA 6000UF*2 major capacitance

JRC5532DD fever double op amp ampoule

New Golden Seal Tube

LM317, LM337 precision adjustable stabilization voltage

The op amp uses gold -plated sockets to facilitate the replacement of different flavors of double op amp

2mm thickened printing board, 70um thick copper

index parameter

Signal ratio: 115db

Full load distortion: 0.006%

Power supply voltage: AC12-18V*2

Apricum multiple: 5.5 times

Printing plate size: 110*102mm

The line map and the original professional deck of the original factory are balanced output. This board is changed to a single -end output



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