Jumat, 27 Januari 2023

NE5532 Mini Power Amplifier Front Board Pre-amplified Tone Board HIFI Power Amplifier 2.0 Tuning Board

US $3.99

Name: NE5532 Mini Preamp Tuning Board

Supply voltage: dual power supply 9V-15V

Length * width: 82mm * 35mm

Potentiometer spacing: 24mm

Although the size is small, the effect is really great!

This module uses the commonly used NE5532 op amp, which works well, and uses an 8P chip socket, which is convenient for users to replace the op amp chip by themselves!

The tuning board adopts a compact layout, overall size, small and exquisite! It is convenient for users to install and use in a small space!

Package include:

1x Tuning Board



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