Minggu, 11 Desember 2022

XH-M802 Passive Tone Board Amplifier Preamp Pre-amp Power Module Treble Bass Volume Adjustment Pre-amplifier Tone PCB Board

US $1.13

Product description

This sounding board is a passive sounding board. Its main function is to adjust the volume of the input audio signal, and then send it to the power amplifier board for amplification.

The principle of the product is to filter the audio signal directly through the resistance-capacitor element to get the desired high and low frequency. The tone board does not need power supply, but the volume will be much smaller after processing.

The main parameters

Product Name: Passive Tone Board
Adjustable items: total volume bass treble
Number of channels: 2 channels
Knob spacing: 22.5MM
Socket Type: 2.54-3P
Appearance size: 56*28MM
Product weight: 25 g



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