Rabu, 21 Desember 2022

STAR PLUME T1000 Amplifies HIFI Fever Pre-Stage With The Second-Class Pure Class A Output From Temulan Cattle

US $117.75

Why make this circuit?

First, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of differential circuits that have been popular for decades.

In the audio circuit of the past few decades, the differential amplification structure has a high occupation rate. Most of the input parts of countless op amp circuits, pre-stage circuits and power amplifier circuits adopt this kind of amplification structure. Mainly because differential amplification can effectively suppress environmental noise (such as power supply clutter interference noise), and in the case of good pairing of the amplification tubes and consistent thermal stability, the midpoint stability can be well guaranteed, and the bandwidth of its amplification can reach DC . Therefore, it is the best choice by many product designers without hesitation.
The machine is designed with independent power supply for each channel to improve the separation. The amplifying output part uses the second-hand disassembled Temulan signal cow (we can't buy new cows of this kind, and friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder can bypass).

This unit can be used as an amp to promote medium and low impedance headphones to obtain a better listening effect.

The whole machine is adjusted and tested for stereotypes. The sound feels true and accurate. The sound details are quite rich and everything is available. The dynamics are large, the high and low frequencies are extended, and the whole is warm and listening.
Basic performance parameters:

Working method: Class A

Signal to noise ratio: 105DB
Frequency response: 20Hz to 50KHz

Dynamic range: >100 dB

Machine size: 260*70*188MM

Weight of the whole machine: 2.72KG (express fee is charged at 4.5kg with packaging) One machine, no other power cord accessories




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