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Star Plume Imitates British NAD Separate Tone Pre -Level HIFI Front Stage Amplifier

US $90.94

This machine refers to the sound part of the British NAD3020 amplifier, carefully designed the layout, the advanced aluminum chassis (the volume knob is a solid aluminum car), the 2 -way audio signal input switch selection control, the copper gold -plated RCA, the wiring uses tree ground ground ground grounding method, the wiring uses tree ground wiring grounding method. The signal -to -noise ratio is high, the fever components are assembled, and the circuit adopts the form of single -ended armor amplification.

Essence Japan Nichonic Nikon, Panasonic and other fever electrolytic capacitors, military 718 copper -footed metal film resistance, the power supply uses a 30W high -end ring transformer (copper wire, A -class silicon steel), LM317/337 high -precision steady pressure IC power supply, volume potentiometer The Japanese original ALPS16 high -quality potentiometer is used, and the high and low tone uses 2 Taiwan -made high -quality potentiometer, which is durable. The biggest feature of this tone is to adjust the high and low frequencies. The mid -frequency has almost no change, and the low frequency elasticity is full! High -frequency slim and harsh! The tone is mellow and very resistant! Effects in seconds! At least a few streets :)

The line gain is 8 times, the high-sound regulation range+-10dB, the bass adjustment range+-15dB.

Signal ratio: High borted potentiometer, the volume potentiometer is opened to the maximum, and the ears are close to the sound speaker to hear a little bottom noise!

Precautions for use: Open the front stage and then turn on the stage, then turn off the level and then check the front level. Do not force the RCA socket for a very tight lotus plug, loosen it a little, otherwise it will be damaged.

Solemnly declare: The sound sound is the only one! If the same picture appears in other stores, all the pictures are stolen pictures!

Size: 165mm deep 210mm high 75mm

Voltage: 115V/230V50Hz (optional) 115V version is used in Taiwan, the United States, Japan and other regions.

Reading before purchasing: the machine does not distribute the source line,



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