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PJ.MIAOLAI 6K4 Tube Headphone Amplifier Preamp Mini Tube AMP PC Phone CD Pre-Audio Amplifier For Home Theater System DIY

US $46.16

Product Description:

Product Name: PJ.MIAOLAI P3

Channel: 2.0

No-load SNR:> 100DB

Frequency response: 10H~ 50KHZ


Working voltage: 12V

Headphone output: 3.5 caliber output:

Audio input: One set of Lotus RCA

Audio output: A set of Lotus RCA


HIFI desktop headphone amplifier, tube fever tube preamp, fuller and more powerful sound, lower distortion, all kinds of power amplifiers, active speakers, and headphones can be matched

The electronic tube adopts the classic 6K4, which is bold and rich, and the sound is warm and charming, very atmospheric and balanced.

RCA gold-plated interface to enhance the stability of signal transmission

P3 is both a tube preamp and a amp audio output. It can be connected to various power amplifiers, active speakers, etc., and can be matched with various headphones. One machine is multi-purpose, cost-effective, compatible with a variety of electronic tubes, according to your favorite style, Feel free to replace!

Using Beijing high-quality 6K4 electronic tube, the sound of this machine is atmospheric, the sound field is open, soft and smooth, especially suitable for vocal strings, light music, classical music and other music! Delicate high frequency, powerful low frequency!

The all-aluminum housing rejects any interference. The whole body is made of aluminum. The housing is made of CNC and anodizing process.
Exquisite and beautiful, classic atmosphere, luxurious texture, exudes a strong elegant and artistic atmosphere

Packing list:

2×6K4 tube
1×Power Adapter



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