Rabu, 21 Desember 2022

NE5532 TO-10A Stereo Music Audio Signal Pre-amplifier Amp Headphone Amplifier Board RCA 3.5MM Treble Bass Volume Control Tone

US $14.25

This machine adopts attenuated tone circuit + NE5532 preamplifier compensation,

When not powered, the attenuation is -15db,

When the power is supplied, the amplifying part of the NE5532 works for compensation, and the gain is 0db, that is, the input and output signals are equal.

When the switch is bounced, no power supply is required, and the working state is an attenuating tone circuit, which is -15db

Press the switch when power is supplied, there is an internal amplifier circuit for compensation and the gain is 0db.


DC power supply should use low-ripple high-quality power supply as much as possible. When the input signal amplitude is less than 1V, 12V power supply is sufficient. When the input signal is greater than 1V, please increase the power supply voltage, and the maximum power supply voltage is 24V.

Package include :

1pcs TO-10A 

(optional )12v 1a power supply with EU plug 





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