Senin, 26 Desember 2022

NE5532 2.1 Channel Subwoofer Low Pass Filter Pre AMP Amplifier Board 12~24V DC

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Item Description

A single power supply, and can share power amplifier board, use op amp NE5532, welded op amp IC Block, easy to replace the op amp, all  CBB capacitors are capacitors, the potential of high quality Taiwanese sealed potentiometers.
With a full-range signal to adjust the volume potentiometer, very convenient to 2.1 amplifier board preamp
There are LED lights, real-time monitoring the power supply situation.
Dual-panel design, and strive to simple signal transmission, signal to noise ratio is very high.
Input voltage: DC 10-24V.
It can be a single / dual channel input and mono output.
PCB ultra hardness FR-4 fiberglass board, board size: 82x30mm, excluding protruding parts, thickness: 1.6mm.
Frequency adjustment range 22Hz-300Hz, this frequency range is no human voice, so-called low-pass only the low-frequency output, to be added after stage amplifier power amplifier board can be used. The intensity of low-frequency performance and power amplifier board with speaker matching, please choose a different amplifier board and subwoofer (passive subwoofer) according to different occasions.


Package includes:

1PCS DC 12V-24V NE5532 2.1 Channel Subwoofer Low Pass Filter Pre AMP Amplifier Board




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