Sabtu, 17 Desember 2022

HIFI NE5532 2.0 Tone Treble Bass Preamplifier Board Audio Amprifier Equalizer Preamp Tone Control Pre Amplifier 9V-15V

US $6.86


Name: NE5532 dual op amp pre-stage tuning board

Supply voltage: dual power supply 9V-15V

Length * width: 95mm * 70mm

Potentiometer spacing: 24+24mm

This module uses two NE5532 dual op amps and 8P chip socket, which is convenient for users to replace the op amp chip by themselves!!!

There is a capacitor array composed of 10 high-frequency and low-resistance ESR capacitors at the power end, which effectively reduces power interference and has a good filtering effect!

The white 3P power socket is convenient to connect directly to the transformer!

The potentiometer spacing is standard 24-24mm, which can be adapted to most chassis shells and panels

Super mute design, the circuit has three layers of noise reduction design in front-middle-rear.

Package include:

1x tuning board



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