Jumat, 23 Desember 2022

BST27 Fully Balanced Pre-Amplifier HIFI Fever-Grade Class A Bile-Flavored Remote Control Re-engraved Home High Fideli

US $317.86

Product Name: BST27 Full Balancing Prelimers Elberry

Input voltage: The default 220V (can be done at 110V input, you can contact first when taking it) first)

Harmony distortion: (THD) ≤0.003%(1kHz)

Frequency response: 10Hz-30kHz (± 0.5dB)

Signal to noise ratio: ≥110db

Enter interface: RCA 2 group balance interface group 1 group 1

Output interface: RCA group 1 balance interface group 1 group

Product size and net weight: see the details page mark

Accessories: 1 remote control 1 remote control of the power cord

Warm and pleasant Fully naturalAll balance before class, detailed dynamic sharp voice, clever and sedate, integral style is both fine analytical ability, such as silky smooth and tender sweet, and there was a thunder than a surging power, let a person get drunk, BST27 really enjoy lingThe joy of music

6 pieces of all independent daughter cardClass a pure enlarge 1 full balanceCan't get enough vocal warm sweet rich details fully

With shield ring of cattleUsing the original sound of customised ring transformer "pure copper wire, and added a shield processing to eliminate interference to improve signal-to-noise ratio

Good signal-to-noise ratioLow noise precision class a power supplyLow to microvolt level of grain potter, excellent dynamic response speed

Adopt imported from Japan ALPS with motor potentiometer, closely matching, high precision highly consistent reduction let music details

6 pieces of all independent daughter cardAll balance class a pure amplificationCan't get enough vocal warm sweet rich details fully



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