Selasa, 01 November 2022

New YAQIN MS-12B Tube Phono Stage Pre-AMP MM RIAA Turntable HiFi Stereo Pre amplifier Tube Amplifier 110-240V

US $306.0

Technical Specifications:

Tubes:12AX7 2(Phono voltage amplifier)

          12AU7 2(Voltage amplifier)

Output Voltages: Dual outputs of either 0.25V or 0.7V

                          0.25V (for integrated amplifier)

                          0.7V (for power amplifier or second gear)

Input Sensitivity:0.25V(Preamplifier)

                          5mV(Phono stage)

Distortion of Harmonic Wave: 0.2% (Preamplifier)

                                             0.5% (Phono stage)

Frequency Response: 15Hz ~ 100KHz (-2.0dB)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >75dB (CD/DVD input 0.5V 1KHz, output 0.7V)

                                  >65dB (Phono input 10mV 1KHz, output 0.7V)

Supply Voltage: AC115V 60Hz

Weight: 3.0kg (7.7lb)

Dimension: 17cm(W) x 38cm(D) x 16cm(H)

Shipping Weight: 4.6kg (10lb)

Shipping Dimension: 45cm x 25cm x 23cm


1. Ability to use with CD/DVD player as a preamplifier and with MM cartridge turntable as a phono stage;

2. Dual stereo outputs either 0.7V for a post stage amplifier or 0.25V for an integrated amplifier. It can be applied to bi-amp configuration;

3. Employ DC filaments power supply to minimize humming noise;

4. Adopts conventional active RIAA equalization in phono stage circuit;

5. Power transformers manufactured with silicon steel sheet and high quality oxygen-free enameled copper wire;



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