Jumat, 11 November 2022

Latest 1:1 Copy/Study McIntosh Line Classic C22 MM MC Phono Vacuum Tube Preamp 2.0 Channel Pre-amplifier With remote control

US $1494.0

1:1 copy McIntosh C-22 circuit    After more than 3 years of research and development, the enthusiastic team has developed the re-engraved circuit, all manual 1:1 precision soldering, all the solders are made of German imported WBT solder, and the original German Weimar resistors, Japanese ruby Capacitors, Philip capacitors, etc. are used. All fever parts are used at any cost. Each capacitor and resistor connecting wire is welded on after a carefully selected paired c-22. As for the proprietary sentinel monitor technology, it replaces the previous Power Gard, which allows continuous analysis of the output current., And turn off the amplifier when it exceeds a certain limit to maintain the service life of the device. The overall distribution of the circuit is reasonable and orderly, and the neat and tidy circuit has good consistency and completeness for the good machine is the guarantee of the product.
Using 6 12AT7 amplifier tubes, the sound is full and durable, stable gain amplification6 12AT7 amplifier tubes use high-end gain tubes, which are 100 times the gain coefficient of ordinary 6N3 6N8
The use of proprietary Air-Pire technology to improve the heat dispersion tube, thus benefiting from the life of the vacuum tube, the sound is more emotional, the details are rich and contagious.
Product name: McIntosh vacuum tube PreampC22 (Available MM MC independent phono amplifier)

Tube model: select six 12AT7 tubes

Input impedance: balanced 44k ohms unbalanced 22k ohms

Voltage gain: 15DB

Frequency response: + 0, -0.5 db from 20hz to 20 Khz

Harmonic distortion: 0.8%

Signal to noise ratio: 》100dB

Input sensitivity: balanced 900mV unbalanced 450mV

Net weight: 11KG

Product use: Fever vacuum tube Preamp, can only be used with a power amplifier



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