Minggu, 13 November 2022

Jung Super POWER circuit Super linear power supply Polishing DAC pre-stage regulator board

US $19.8

Product description:
1.The product is a board for the finished board and has been tested.
2.Circuit reference from Jung, Walt Jung has been designing regulators since 1961.
3.Very low noise, very low output impedance, ideal for preamp, DAC precision power supplies. It should be one of the best in today's discrete (All discrete) regulators!
Product parameters:
Material: rectified to low voltage drop high speed Zener diode, main filter is ELNA. Output tube is MJE15032.15033, op amp is LME49710
Input power range: AC7X2-AC18X2
Output voltage range: +_5V--+_18V
PCB size: 81*61MM
Maximum output current: 2A



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