Rabu, 02 November 2022

ETVITE 320 Volume Lashes Pre Made Volume Fans Individual Eyelashes Premade Volume Fans 4d/5d/6d 7-15mm Eyelashes Extension

US $5.88

New upgraded sharp premade fans

    ETVITE premade volume eyelash extensions - 320 fans. Each tray holds 16 rows, 20 fans per row. Affordable, no need to spend hours making fans for your customers, we have done it for you!

Have thinner eyelash roots

    The premade fans eyelash extensions with thin roots can better fit your natural eyelashes without gaps, and the retention time is longer. Even when you use the eyelash brush to comb your pre made lash fans, they will not fall off. Light and comfortable, and will not damage the real eyelashes.

Heat bonded & pointy base

    In order to make the roots of the premade lash extensions fans firmer, we use heat bonded, which means that the premade volume fans will not fall apart. At the same time, our premade lash fans are designed to use the pointy base - you can picked up from the base. Double guarantee, so that you can remove the complete premade fans at any time, without worrying about quality issues.



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