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Cheap Short Bob Wig Straight 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs for Women Pre Plucked Straight Lace Wigs Brazilian Hair 150 Densit

US $51.75

Cheap Short Bob Wig Straight 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs for Women Pre Plucked Straight Lace Wigs Brazilian Hair 150 Densit.

The flat wig is very soft and shiny. Keep ISI's hair and be a sunny, confident girl. Easy installation and maintenance in daily life.

This human hair looks very beautiful from any angle, and it is natural and comfortable to wear.

This real hair mesh hat is very breathable and will make you feel very comfortable.

We have a complete set of logistics system, which can deliver goods quickly. Please write down the specific address when purchasing, and we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to clean your wig, wear it and measure your hair properly.

We have our own factory, the production technology of human hair and our own trademark. Absolutely authentic, please feel free to purchase. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

Q1. Hair smell

A: Factory wash the hair with warmwater and shampoo, and we will puthair oil to hairs before shipment,protecting the hairs from being dyeduring longer-term delivery. But smellwill disappear after washing it withgood shampoo and conditioner.

Q2. Body wave hair texture

A: Wavy/curly hair was made by steam, without any chemicals, sothe texture will be looser afterwashing. Please kindly understandwe do it for maintain the hairlifetime and natural state.

Q3. Hair care products

A: Use good quality shampoo andconditioning products. Conditionthe hair is very important to keepitsoft & manageable. Letit air dryinstead of blow dry.

Q4. Coloring

A: All hair can be dyed/bleached toany color you want, except #613, but remember virgin hair will be easily dry after leaving hair donor, sodon‘t dye or bleach hair too frequently, it will damage the hair. Alsoplease do it professionally.

Q5. Length

A We will double check the hairtype and length before shipment.-When you receive the hair, you canmeasure it by stretching it, so you canget the correct length.

Q6. Gray hair

A: Virgin non-dyed hair have a fewstrands gray hairs inside, we usually pick the hair up in production,but we DO NOT guarantee 100% nogray hairs, please understand, andpick up the few strands out yourself. Thanks.

Q7. Tangle

A: The hair can tangle due to dry,oil & dirt build-up, salt water chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make surewash and condition your hair twicea week. Use olive oil to polish it smooth or consult your stylist for morehelp.

Q8. Split/dry ends

A:Only virgin hair will have split ends. Our hair will be a lit dry afterleaving hair donor, because it losthuman nutrition. You can put someoliveargan oil to keep them good.



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