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Bluetooth 5.0 AUX ZK-PT1 Stereo Audio 2.0 CH Stereo Low-noise High and Low Tone Pre-module Home Music Wireless Module Audio AMP

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Product Name :Bluetooth tone pre-stage module

Product Model :PT1

Bluetooth Version :5.0 (no shielding,10 meters)

SNR   :> 90 dB

Audio Input:3.5mm audio input + bluetooth input

output method:AUX output (connected to the active speaker and headset)

Number of channels: left and right dual channels (stereo)

Power Range:DC 5~24 V / 1A or more

Product Dimensions :67mm*68mm*21mm

Package Weight :90g(with packaging)


Q:Introduction of audio input mode

A:This tone module follows hardware priorities. AUX insert is AUX mode. If AUX is not inserted, it is Bluetooth mode, and Bluetooth mode supports automatic connection. There is a mode tone when switching.

Q:How to adjust the bass and high pitch?

A:The BASS potentiometer in the middle is to control the BASS, the right BASS is enhanced, the left BASS is attenuated.When the potentiometer is in the middle position, the bass is neither enhanced nor attenuated.

The TREBLE potentiometer on the left controls the TREBLE. the right TREBLE enhanced and the left TREBLE attenuated.When the potentiometer is in the middle position, it does not increase or decrease the treble.

Note when adjusting treble and bass: when the treble or bass right rotation is adjusted to the maximum, if the sound is distorted, it means that the treble or bass  gain is too large. It is necessary to turn the treble or bass potentiometer to the left to reduce the gain or turn the VOLUME potentiometer to the left to reduce the total volume.

Q:What are the factors related to the sound quality?

A:Sound quality is not only related to the tone module, but also to the sound source and the entire sound system.Basically every link of the sound system will affect the sound quality, among which the main link is the audio transmission line, audio power supply, tone circuit, amplifier circuit, speaker and the surrounding environment.Sound quality is best only when the sound source, amplifier module and speaker are matched.



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