Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2022

Stainless Steel Dog Comb Stripping Knife Dog Pet Grooming Brush Puppy Trimmer Care Knife Cat Shaving Plucking Hair Comb Tools

US $3.43


Product Name: shaving comb and plucking knife

Product size: as shown in the figure

Product material: solid wood + stainless steel metal blade

Specification: left hand plucking knife

Right hand hair plucking knife

Suitable for: plucking Terrier dogs


1. We use steel to make the cutter head. The cutter head is forged with metal steel, with high hardness, good sharpness and long service life

2.Smooth handle, easy to handle, solid wood, easy to grasp

3. The metal parts are fixed, and the connection between the cutter head and the handle is fixed with metal parts, so it is not easy to fall down when using

Note: the product size is known by manual measurement, there may be a certain error, product pictures are taken by the real object, due to the display or lighting reasons will cause a certain color difference



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