Minggu, 30 Oktober 2022

PJ.MIAOLAI M9 HIFI 6K4 Tube Pre-Amplifier BT 5.0 Audio RCA USB-PC AUX Treble And Bass Adjustment For Home Theater System DIY

US $73.67


M9 is a high-end USB sound card bluetooth receiver. A HiFi audiophile amplifier product with integrated pre-amplifier, 3 sets of audio inputs, free switching, with high and low bass adjustment function, instantly make your audio equipment bass shock, bold taste Full.
The M9 audio signal input terminal can be directly connected to the computer with a USB cable, which can be upgraded to a high-end USB external sound card. It can also be wired to a computer CD lossless music player and other audio sources. convenient. The audio output terminal can be connected to various digital amplifiers, active multimedia speakers and other audio equipment, making your audio equipment instantly full of guts, making the sound quality warm and detailed, enhancing the sense of heaviness and presence, and expressing the sound field very well.
M9 has the function of high and low bass adjustment, which can be adjusted freely according to the different parameters of the respective audio equipment to achieve the ideal H sound quality effect
The electronic tube adopts the classic 6K4, the sound quality is greatly improved compared with other low-end electronic tubes on the market. The sound is warm and charming, very atmospheric and balanced, and the sound is clear, delicate and dynamic.


Model: M9 preamplifier
Tube model: 6K4
Channel: 2
Rated voltage: 220V
Weight: 0.7kg
Audio input:
USB-PC audio input × 1 group
3.5 stereo input × 1 group
Wireless Bluetooth input × 1 group
Audio output:
RCA output × 1 group
3.5 headphone output


Bluetooth antenna×1
USB cable×1
Power supply × 1



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