Minggu, 23 Oktober 2022

New JC80GE full-field tube balanced fever pre-amplifier board kit

US $109.8

JC-80 preamp kit per channel

Board size: 147mmX137mmX50mm

Installation size: 115mmX120mm, 4 installation holes 3mm in diameter.

JC80 assembly and debugging steps:

The reference material table can be installed and soldered in the order from short to high. Among them, Q1, Q2, Q4, and Q5 must be installed with insulating cloth and insulators. When welding the field tube, the soldering iron must be unplugged for welding or a reliable grounded constant temperature Korean Welding on the station to avoid the leakage of the soldering iron to damage the field tube, remember!! When debugging, connect the positive and negative +/-30V power at the +/-30V and 0V positions, and adjust R41 (3296 potentiometer) clockwise to make R1 (24 ohm resistance) When the voltage drop is 2V, it is OK.When it is used as an unbalanced input and output, the input is connected to IN+, and the output is connected to OUT-.

The picture below is a beautiful photo of the front-end CTC Blowtorch flagship valued at 200,000 Hong Kong dollars:

Buyer installed picture sharing 1:

Buyer installed picture sharing 2:

Buyer installed picture sharing 3:



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