Kamis, 27 Oktober 2022

Hi-Fi Preamplifier Adjustable Gain multiple Pre-Amp PCB / DIY Kit / Board

US $37.59

Note: The power amplifier board is dual-channel, 2 boards!

Order guide:

Option 1: Kit no power tube, DIY kit does not include 4pcs ONSEMI MJ15024 high power tubes;

Option 2: DIY kit, DIY kit full set;

Option 3: Finished board, welding and testing have been completed (recommended);

Options 1 and 2 are DIY kits, you need to bring your own welding tools and do it yourself.


● All parts are brand new and original;
● Angle aluminum specification is 45MM * 50MM * 90MM width, height, length, thickness 4MM;
● All small signal transistors are imported;
● High-power tube is imported from MJ15024;
● LM301A brand new original NS. All resistors use genuine metal film resistor copper feet with 1% accuracy, including high power resistors;
● The inductance is manually measured by a precision digital bridge, accurate to 0.01UH 0.1%.

Operating Voltage :

● ±30V to ±50V
● 100W 8R power (±50V)

Audio precision 2 test data:

Frequency response:

THD+N actual measurement data:

Actual measurement of FFT distortion map:

The following is the latest version of the finished board display:



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