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Electric Hair Plucking Device Plug-in Rechargeable Models Feather Removal Machine Chicken Duck Goose Automatic Epilator Dehair

US $30.3

1. High Efficiency Motor: Built in strong motor, no short circuit for term use of the plucking machine, the plucking machine will not pinch the meat of poultry to ensure the integrity of the poultry body.
2. Upgraded Cone Head Design: More compact cone head to ensure more thorough dehairing and faster dehairing speed, excellent performance.
3. Waterproof: The whole machine is designed to be waterproof and safe to operate (be careful not to submerge the whole machine in water).
4. Two styles:Plug type-Power line length 1.5m/4.9ft;Charging type- Built in rechargeable 5000mAh high capacity battery, rechargeable for cyclic use, easy to move and more convenient to use.
5. Widely Used: The plucker can be used for plucking turkey, pearl chicken, quail and other chickens, which is a good choice for food processing industry and home cooking.

Item Type: Electric Plucker
Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
Size: Approx.295 x 65 x 55mm / 11.6 x 2.6 x 2.2in
Plug Voltage: 110-240V
Built in Battery: lithium battery pack 4500mAh (included)
Function: Pull hair, remove small hair, fine hair, vascular hair

How to use:
1. Treatment of fine hair and small hair: turn on the power supply of the machine, use the head of the machine to close to the poultry skin in parallel, and swing back and forth to remove it.
2. Treatment of vascular hair: turn on the power supply of the machine, use the middle part of the machine to parallel and close to the poultry skin, u

Package List:
1 x Chicken Plucker
1 x Adapter

1. The machine is prohibited from soaking and launching.
2. It is forbidden to pluck long hair. If there are many curls on the machine, clean the curls before starting the machine.
3. This machine is mainly used to pluck small hairs, fine hairs and vascular hairs that are difficult to pluck.
4. This machine cannot be washed, and the cone head is not allowed to face up to avoid water flowing into the machine.
5. During the use of this machine, it is normal for the handheld part to get hot.

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