Earning Passive Income Through Staking In Cryptocom App Step By Step Tutorial

Earning Passive Income Through Staking In Crypto.com App Step By Step Tutorial

Yo, what's up guys, my name is Akshat Patware to the sea and you're Reading This Article On Technobuzz. tech, you already know that Soren Gatchel has to tell you that. And first of the very important thing to do, guys you already know what to do, click the subscribe button.

 And if you're not getting notifications whenever I post a new video, be sure to click that bell button, and the Livestream giveaways are still on. So if you're not participating in my Saturday Night Live Livestream you're missing out, you know, that's when we have the fun with the hardcore crypto moon boys and Moon mongers community, make sure that we discuss everything about crypto and I do a lot of giveaways. So be sure to always be subscribed and click the bell button. Before we start this video, I want to talk about the crypto.com wallet because since I made the first video about the crypto.com wallet, so many questions came through my way. And I think I need to address some of them in that one of the most important questions was about the earnings, you know, there is an earn feature in the crypto commodity. 

So I thought I should make a video specifically that shows guys how the staking works. staking simply means locking your coins in the wallet. And you earn a reward for doing that. Right. So on the crypto.com app, you can earn up to 18%. And I've done some stuff for you over the last two months, that I'll use an example to show you how much I've earned through it. And so that you guys can see it. And maybe you could replicate it no by no means is this financial advice. I don't give financial advice, what I do, I just show you guys what I do, and some of the opportunities that are available in the cryptocurrency market. And then you know, you always want to do your own research. 

But the scripture did come up is a reliable app that I use myself, it has so many features. If I had to actually go into the wallet now, and show you exactly so, in the cryptid comm app, you have the card feature that you are actually allowed to get, you can get a card a Visa Debit Card from your crypto.com app that you can now use it to purchase whatever you want just like a normal bank card, which is a very special feature for a crypto platform. Another thing is that you can also get credit from crypto. So let's say you have your money staked into the crypto comm app. And you don't necessarily want to withdraw your crypto, you can actually gray get like a small crypt alone and use that money to do whatever you want. Whereas you have your coins, still accumulating gains over time, right.

 Another thing you can do with the crypto.com app. That is cool to me, it is just the defy features that they have there that allow you to make swaps, and all that they also have an inbuilt exchange, meaning that you can trade up to 70 different cryptocurrencies with no fees as long as you're into the ecosystem.

 The other cool feature that I did on the last video was showing you guys how to buy cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card with the crypto.com app, which you can still do. By the time I'm recording this video, they still have the 3.5 is a 3.5 let me just go into the app at the top. Yeah, so you still have that 3.5 Fee Waiver with meaning that you buy the crypto without the credit card fees of 3.5% that are typically charged on us. But now they took those away up until the 30th of the 31st of this month. 

So if you're watching this in the future, please be able to check whether this is still going on and a 3.5% in just a promotion that they're doing. So it might be gone in the future anyone worked for you. But all the other features they earn and all the other stuff work the card as long as you stick in enough coins in the cryptid Chrome app, you can still apply for a card. So very important thing to do use my link in the description if you want to get distributed calm up, if you don't have it. Or if you downloaded you can use my referral code, hardcore crypto, no space, lowercase, to make sure that I get few rebates for telling you about this information. Okay. 

So how it works in the urn is that you have three different features. I'll go if I go into my accounts in the wallet and go to crypto Aaron, you have flexible assets and you also have a three-month term so if I stake my coins my crypto comm coin accumulated calm has also its own coin obviously the CR o coin right. If I stake my coin for three months, I will be earning based on the fixed-rate interest rate of 16% pa or that is per annum or API right So I earn my share in that three months or my coins are locked based on that rate. 

And you can do the Math and Math and see how much you accumulate from that. So I will show you guys how much I've earned as a test for the last few months. And you also have a flexible term, which means you can actually withdraw at any time. So it just depends obviously, both have their own pros and cons. And it's all up to you to do it the way you want to see it. So without too much talk, man, let's get on to my phone right now. And I show you exactly how you can stick your CR o coins and earn some free money on some coins as you already have. So basically, if you want to stick the coins, simply you just have to go to your account and choose crypto earn. If I'm in the earn, you see I have multiple artists are flexible assets three-month term. And you can also have a one-month term there. 

But I have these because these are the ones that I was using before and they're stuck. So the flexible assets mean that you will be able to deposit your crypto in there to be used as collateral for you to earn, but then the interest rate will be lower. If you stick it in there for one month, the interest rate will be higher. And for even more months, you expect higher interest up to about 18% so that you can stake different types of cryptocurrencies here. But the crypto.com coin is the one that has a high interest. So I've tried it all before Like I said before if I go into the flexible earnings,

you will see that I had deposited about 9000 to CR o tokens You see, and then I withdraw it recently 5000 Cr o coins because the minimum for you to be able to stake is 5000 Cr all coins right? If you want to stick sticks here all coins BTC is about 0.025. So let's just try to stake and see how it works, you pretty much just click this add button. And you select which coin I'll select the CR o coin. And you can see the interest rates are different one month is 14%. three months is 16%. and flexible is 3% per annum. 

Obviously, if I chose BTC, you will see that the interest rate is a lot lower. So there isn't high interest in BTC. But CR o has a high interest. However, CR O is way more volatile and is a lock-up coin obviously as compared to Bitcoin. It's an odd coin, right. So that's kind of the decisions you got to make. So I'll select CR o for example. And let's say go for I would go for like three months as an example, to end the most if I'm holding this token anyway, in this wallet. And you have to agree to all the terms and services and all that. And here we go and continue. And here you see it says insufficient balance. If I had 5000 tokens or more I could have simply just type it in there and click stake to earn and then it could have been perfect. That's pretty much how it works.

 Once you do that, you just have to wait for the period to run out. And then it tells you like here on my three-month term, it says it ends in 36 days. And after that, you know you get your money out and you can restart it or you can just withdraw it. So it's really up to you. So that's pretty much how it works. And then you have the wallet, it has a whole lot of other functions, you can swap coins, you can withdraw, and so on and so forth. 

And you know, there's also the card if you want to get the CR o card, there are different cards here saying you're playing for your Ruby, still, you have one more step to finish your card obligation, purchase your all coins and hold for six months.

 So if you buy the CRL coins, and hold them for six months, you'll be able to get to apply for this really steal Visa card. So that's pretty much how it works, guys. Alright guys, so thanks for watching. And quickly. Just a reminder, you need to remember there are always risks when it comes to taking. 

I have talked about this when it comes to defying, especially in crypto University. So if you're in crypto University member, you already know this. But you always want to play around with the interest that you're more likely to get or that is guaranteed for you to earn against the volatility of the market because you could earn interest but then lose on the value of the token that you're holding going down. 

So if you are staking a coin that you already believe in long-term wise and you're not really worried about the volatility of it, then it's all good. But if you're doing it on for a fee at gain purely and you don't want to expose yourself to volatility, then you might want to try a stable coin for your staking and all that but I do have a defy course when it comes to a staking lending and borrowing everything to deal with earning free money based on money that you already have. I have it all in my course in my investing course at a public university. 

So if you want to learn from me You can grab my investing course at crypto University, the link in the description. And keep in mind, now you can actually hire me to work with you for a month on a one-on-one Mentorship Program, which you can also book through my crypto University platform.

 And we're doing webinars these days with all the crypto University members. So if you're not part of the crew, man, I recommend that you join and it's a one-off payment membership for this year from January going onwards, it will become a monthly membership program for new commerce of next year. 

But if you join now, gift University is the largest cryptocurrency training platform for traders and investors. Right now. It's once you get in there, and you know you will be a member forever and ever and ever, and you still get a lot of value. Other than that, I look forward to seeing you guys on the Saturday Night Live stream with some giveaways. 

No, I don't even want to talk about some giveaways that I'm doing right now. But follow me on social media, on Instagram, on Twitter, and so on and so forth. And I'll see you guys in the next video. If you want to download the cryptid Chrome app, be sure to use my link in the description. I will see you in the next video. No, I'll see you on the moon. I'll see you on the moon peace.

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