How You Can Use Sound Search to Find Music ?

 How You Can Use Sound Search to Find Music ? 

Sometimes we hear a song somewhere, but without Lyrics, it is not possible to find out which movie it is, but now you can find out that it is playing only with Sound Search from Google Which music is it and which movie is it, let us know how to search music from sound - how to use sound search to find music

Search Music From Sound - Use Sound Search to Find Music

As you know about Google Now, it is the Personal Assistant of Smartphone, which also works with the voice command, if you have not updated your Google Now, then now add the Sound search option to it. Is, so that what music you are playing only from music and which movie is it -

For this, tap on Google Now or say OK Google, what song is this? You have to do this when there is music playing around you -

Apart from this, you tap on Google search, there you will see the music icon. Tap on this, now it will be written on Google search "Listening For Music" After some time you will get all the information about the songs playing.

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