Facebook is bringing brain-reading technology

 Facebook is bringing brain-reading technology

Facebook is going to bring a technology that will allow you to type only by thinking, that is, this technique will start reading your mind, what will you be thinking, and then you'll update your Facebook status by changing it to text. Let's realize this new technology of Facebook About - Typing With Brain

Facebook is bringing brain-reading technology Facebook's new technology Typing With Brain

We have seen similar technology in the past, you can run your computer by speaking (voice recognition technology) or you can run the computer only by hand gestures, which is called hand gestures technology, apart from the gestures of the eyes. Computer running technology has also come, which is named eye gestures technology

But the operating system of the brain is not yet come, so has Facebook prepared it or not, it is just a concept, that is, it is just thought that such a technology can be made so that anyone can use their brain Let us know by typing that in the year 2013, researchers at the University of California designed a device called MindSet that would create your password as a thought in your mind.

Facebook's secret project is named Building 8 This team has a total of 60 people working on this new project Building 8 Human brain-emitting computer interfaces to control brain-waves (brain waves). But the typing speed in it'll be 5 times quite the typing speed on a standard mobile, ie 100 words per minute, an individual who cannot speak or hear and cannot move his or her hand easily. Will be able to type

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