Can I invest in Bitcoin through Angel Broking?

Can I invest in Bitcoin through Angel Broking?

If  I  Answered in a simple language, then we can not invest in bitcoin  or any other crypto through angel broking  but we can invest in other currency of stock and mutual fund, etc

Why am I able to Not Invest In Bitcoin Using Angel Broking?

Everyone wants to take a position in bitcoin thanks to the incredibly rapid climb in bitcoin. Especially those that are already stock investors also want to take a position in bitcoin. 
But they are doing not the skills to take a position in bitcoins? So those that have a Demat account with any broker like Angel Broking and Zerodha, want to understand if we will invest in CryptoCurrency Bitcoin using Angel Broking and Zerodha but we've already told that we will invest in it. can't roll in the hay.
The main reason for not using Angel Broking to take a position in bitcoin is that the brokers in our Demat account don't allow us to take a position in cryptocurrency. it's going to happen that within the coming times, seeing the trend towards bitcoin, the broker who has brought in himself the choice to take a position in cryptocurrency within the app, but he doesn't exit immediately.

How Can I Invest In Bitcoin? 

If you are from India, there are many apps to invest in bitcoin, but the best app I find is Coinswitch Kubera where you can invest in bitcoins very easily and conveniently. 
I find the best thing about the Coinswitch Kuber app is that there is no problem in withdrawing withdrawals from this app, just 5 to 10 minutes after inserting the withdrawal request, the money is credited to our account, due to which many people Becomes popular.
In this, you get a list of not only bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies so that you can invest in all of them if you want to download the Coinswitch Kuber app, then we have given the link below from where you can download it Can.



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