25 facts related to technology that will really surprise you

 The amazing fact about technology: In the last few years, the number of Internet users in our country India has been increasing very fast. Almost most of the work has been connected with technology and is getting better than before.

Today, whether in railway or medical, education or banking, everywhere you are seeing a big contribution of technology which is not only making human life simple but is also saving a lot of time.

India has the largest number of Internet users in the last 6 years. According to one figure, the Internet reached the maximum time in a maximum number of people in comparison to TV and radio.

Today, how can we guess the era of technology that many people all over the world do not have a toothbrush of their own, but have a mobile phone. There are more mobile phones than toothbrushes.

In this article today, we will learn about very interesting facts related to the technical world and facts full of new information (Technology in Hindi). This "Amazing fact about technology in Hindi" will surprise you.

The amazing fact about technology are - 

1: Twitter which may have been used by everyone, more than 5787 tweets are done on Twitter every second. That means more than 500 million in 1 day. 
2: YouTube, which is the world's third-largest website and the second largest search engine. Here about 24 hours of video content is uploaded per 1 minute. 
3: You will hardly know that in the world of the Internet, more than 600 new websites are created almost every second.
4: Google तो आप सभी करते ही होंगे किंतु क्या आपको पता है कि 3.5 बिलियन से भी ज्यादा की शब्द इंटरनेट पर रोजाना सर्च होते हैं.
5: All the posts on Facebook will be liked, but do you know that there are more than 800 million posts on Facebook every day.
6: About 40% of the world's population uses the Internet daily.
7: Gary McKinnon is considered the world's largest hacker because this person hacked the website of a large scientific organization like NASA. Where it goes is the biggest hacking case in the world.
8: You hardly know that India did not have internet before "15 August 1995". The Internet has completed 25 years in India.
9: "Eurocopter X3" is the fastest helicopter in the world, its speed was recorded on 7 June 2013 at 472 km / h, 293 mph.
10: The world's fastest Internet is found in Norway, where the average speed of the Internet is "52.6 megabytes" per second.
11: It is a fact that all watches on iPhone have a time of 9:41 pm.
12: The old name of the iPhone was Purple, which may have gone to very few people now.
13: Apple has sold the most in the world. So far, more than 70 million iPhones have been sold, which is a record.
14: The world's first mobile phone was made by an American engineer named Martin Cooper. This was the first mobile phone that was made for the common people.
15: You will be surprised to know that the world's first mouse was made of wood.

So That some Facts about Technology Or We Can say that About The World Of Internet 

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