Can you create an Android / ios app using just drag and drop?

Yes, in reality you too make your own Android or ios app with the help of drag and drop.


     image credit - appinsuit

   Just to make an app, we have to take the help of a website and this is its special feature. We do not have to install any software in our system like you would know that we have to use an android studio or any other IDE software to make Android or ios apps.

 But now we will learn how to make apps directly from the website and what we are talking about the website.  website is a block type editor website in which neither we need any coding skills like JAVA, CSS, KOTLIN, etc and this website gives you another feature that is Material Design UI if you do not know that Material Design What is the UI, then click here.

 Now we see which is the website using which we are going to create our app, the website that we are talking about is the name of that website is kodular. Now we will learn step by step, what should we do on going to the website. 

 Step 1 -  When you go to that website then the website will look something like the image below.


 if you arrive at the right page then you will go to the next step  and if you're arrive at different page then you will click here to go to the right page   

Step 2 - Now You Have to Click on the button that is showing in the image below 



Step 3 -  Now when you click on that CREATE APPS button you will redirect to sign-in page as shown in the image below 

then you have to click on create account  Then you will redirect to sign up page 

i recommended you to make your account with google, Once you created your account then go to the next step which is 4

Step 4 - Now you have successfully created your account you will redirect to my kodular  page  as shown below  

we do not have work here we want to go to this page as shown in the image below 

to go to the creator page please  click here  
Note: if you do not have a kodular account than you are not able to access to creater a page 

Once you reach to creator page then you have to go to the next step 

Step 5  -  Now we have to  create a new project to make the new project you have to click on Create  project   once you click you will see the pop up appears on your screen as shown in the image below

when pop up appears there is a blank and there is a hint word that project name so there we have to write your app name as shown in the image above 

Step 6 - Now you have  entered the name and click that next button Now next window appears as shown in the image below 

                                           Now here nothing to do simply click on finish

Step 7 - when you click on the finish button your project open as shown in the image below 

Now you can make your app design or we can say that components which we can drag and drop 

Step 8 - Now we have already  seen where we have to do app design and in this 8 step we will see from where your app will function ( example when any one click on button then what will do like this we have to function ) To do app function click on the block 
as shown below in the image 

when you click on block and block editor open as seen below in the image 

You can see there in the image there is on the right side some function like control, logic, math: etc  

you can click on the control and drag and drop the function and if you want to design like a pro you can use components from the designer tab   

So, this is a basic tutorial of this app development series or we can say that the android app make

        I hope you know how  we can start making the app just like drag and drop 
Please stay tunned  With Us To know More about Tech Tutorial android app development



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